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DO NOT wear mascara to your eyelash extension appointment. Mascara can leave a residue on your natural lashes preventing the eyelash extension adhesive from properly bonding, affecting the longevity of your eyelash extensions. 

Arrive with a freshly clean face and impeccably clean natural lashes. So that your lash extension Stylist has the full appointment time to apply your new eyelash extensions. *clean lashes = more lashing time =)

Remove contacts. If you wear contacts, we recommend removing them for the appointment to avoid any discomfort. 

Dress comfortably. Comfortable clothes will allow you to make the most of your eyelash extension appointment time to relax and be pampered.

Limit your liquids + Hold the caffeine! Caffeine can make you and your eyes jittery resulting in a less than relaxing lash appointment.

Arrive 15mins early to your FIRST RESERVATION to find parking, fill out paperwork, and use the restroom.

Please silence mobile phones. We promise your lashes will be well worth the wait!

Please do not bring children or pets to your appointments. This can be distracting for your lash stylist and a possible liability for the LASH GAL studio. 


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